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Applications for RomeMUN 2013 edition are now open!

Dear friends in Armenia,
The fourth edition of the Rome Model United Nations is coming!

Applications for RomeMUN 2013 edition are now open! Seats available for delegate and journalist positions, both individual and delegation applications are accepted. This year RomeMUN team will accept more delegates from Armenia.

The RomeMUN will take place in Rome from the 7th to the 11th of March 2013, in cooperation with Luiss Guido Carli University and eminent institutional organizations, which will host the event.
The number of delegates who will take part to the event as well as the number of committees that will be represented is growing more and more: 1200 delegates organized in 7 different committees and agencies of United Nations are expected to be present, young students coming from 50 different countries and from all 5 continents will be the protagonists of a single big debate, international in nature and unique for the originality of its subjects. 

For the first time at a global level, a Model UN proposes young people at a forefront in the debate for the achievement of the United Nations Millennium Goals. 2015, the year of hypothetical attainment of the 8 goals approaches, and therefore the Scientific Committee of Giovani nel Mondo Association wants to put the young generation at the heart of the matter by proposing an analysis of the various committees of the current status of the struggle for the various objectives and then a proposal phase where young UN delegates will be asked to identify practical solutions and fast implementation that can facilitate the achievement of these important goals within the deadline laid down in 2015
Making 2015 Happen. How to achieve the Millennium Development Goals is the guide principle of 2013 edition.

2013 RomeMUN Program as follows:
March 7: Registration, Opening Ceremony, Workshop on Rules of Procedure
March 8: Works in Committee
March 9: Works in Committee
March 10: Works in Committee
March 11: Final votes, Awards, Closing Ceremony

Students who want to participate to RomeMUN are required to be enrolled in:
- Bachelor's programs
- Postgraduate and masters programs
- Master of Level I or II
- Graduate students (no more than one year after graduation)
- PhDs
- Last year upper secondary school (100 seats available)

To be part of this extraordinary event, it is required to fill in the application form online directly on our website 
Once fill in the application form, the candidate receives an email of confirmation in which he/she can find attached the link to the final registration form. 

In the registration form the candidate have to indicate his/her own personal information, upload his/her Resume and motivations to participation, moreover he/she have to specify the committee and the country he/she would represent during RomeMUN simulation, then select the preferred hotel formula (optional) and indicate registration fee payment details. The registration form has to be filled in NO LATER THAN 7 days from the reception of the email. In the same email the candidate could also specify if he/she wants to apply for a financial contribution / scholarship, in this case the candidate will have to specify in the registration form the reason why he/she believes he/she deserves a financial support from the RomeMUN. The scholarships can be full or partial coverage of the costs of registration but in any case they cover the costs of transfer from and / or to Rome. 

Once completed the registration procedure, the phase of assignment of countries and committees where delegates will work, educational preparation and logistics of the conference begins. During RomeMUN each of the 193 delegations will be composed of a minimum of two to a maximum of eight delegates according to the presence or not of the delegation in all four represented committees. Once students are admitted, the research committee makes up the various delegations and informs students about the country to be represented, the committee and the colleagues with whom the delegate will be working in the incoming weeks. After the assignment phase delegates will receive the didactic material in English where they will find the guidelines for the preparation.

Web Model United Nations 
The negotiation process among delegates will begin from January 2011, in fact students may use a forum/ social network online on our website for broadening both their knowledge on agenda topics and the negotiation between the different political positions. It is the first case in the world of a Web Model United nations, a experiment born to demonstrate that new technologies are useful instruments to fall diplomacy costs in favour (eliminare la u) of concrete goals to be reached by the United Nations: Web Diplomacy could be a global, useful and chip solution for a better future. 

Giovani nel Mondo will issue a certificate of attendance to each delegate for stating either the hours of practical simulation or those of individual studies.

Giovani nel Mondo dispose of 100 full or partial coverage scholarships for participants in the RomeMUN. To apply for a scholarship you must specify it in the final registration form which will be sent to shortlisted candidates who have passed the language test. For more information please contact the organizing secretary of the RomeMUN.
- 5 scholarships on sustainability are offered by Bonduelle
- 5 scholarships are offered by EF Education First Italy

If you have any questions and you are based in Armenia, you can contact Mr. Grigor Yeritsyan at

Grigor Yeritsyan
Coordinator of Asian Area
Giovani nel Mondo-RomeMUN Team

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