Sunday, June 16, 2013

..back to BLOG!!

My last blog entry was more than a year ago, on May 21, 2012. It was long ago, wasn't it? I think, in order to make a difference, it's not enough to sit in front of the computer, post and argue with people who probably do not exist at all and have thousands of fake profiles. 

However, blog is a very good tool. It can be used to discuss absolutely any topic you want. It is a platform for self expression. At the same time it can be really exhausting. It takes your time, nerves and motivation. If you want to experience mockery and hatred - open a blog :) 

Anyway, I am back again. Somehow I missed all the people who live in the internet peacefully...also the ones, who always look for a new "victim" to torture with racist and nationalist comments:) 

See you soon, online!